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Meet Your Stylist, September Young

What if I could teach you how to find curls under your frizz?  Because where there is frizz, there are curls. 

Curly hair does not need to be changed. It needs to be cultivated.

Let me help you embrace and cultivate your curls. 

Even before coming into my studio, I believe your hair is naturally beautiful. You may not agree with this now, because you have never been taught how to embrace your hair, whether straight, wavy, curly, short or long.    I'm a CURL specialist, trained in DevaCurl and the Curly Hair Artistry method.   A member of Curly Hair Artistry and the Cultivating your Curls group.

I am a curly hair specialist in Memphis, Tennessee. 

The Process

 You are probably coming to me with build up from coatings that are preventing hydration.  My approach is teaching you about hydration and how to chose which products is best for your hair.   We'll start with a Detox to remove buildup like silicones, parabens and product buildup, adding shine, reducing frizz, and encouraging hair growth.  Your hair is starving for nutrients and hydration.  I only use Curly Girl approved products and techniques.My Salon is in CORDOVA, TN hair salon in Germantown hair salon in Memphis beauty salon in Germantown curly hair salon in Cordova curly hair salon in Memphis curly beauty salon in Memphis

The Curl Cut

Arrive with freshly washed and dried naturally curly (or wavy)  hair, no pony tails if you are getting a Curl Cut. I cut to customize and enhance your unique waves, followed by either the Deva Transformation process or the Curly Hair Artistry method.

PINTURA HIGHLIGHTS.  The Pintura Highlighting technique creates multi- dimensional  masterpieces.  An innovative no foil technique which lets me create unique, customized hight & lowlights with precision by picking up each curl individual and hand painting with balyage method  - made just for the specific look we want.

Curl Cuts

The Curl Bootcamp/ Care for your Curls workshop can be done without a cut. $60

Menu of Prices

Masterful NON CURLY cuts...................$50

Women's cut, detoxed, cleansed with Sulfate Free cleanser, conditioned with no parabens and  Styled $50.  I will only used Silicones as a heat protection if we using heat tools, which is $20 extra for flat iron or curling iron. 

Coloring you new growth

New growth $60, add a style it's $70-$80, add a cut it's $100 - $110 (Specialty curly cut is more)

All over Color

All over Color + style $90 - $100.  All over Color, Cut and Style $120 - $130

Highlights with your Color

Color Retouch + Full highlights + Style $150,  with a cut $190 .  JUST HIGHLIGHTS ....Partial highlights $50, Full head of highlights + Cut + Style $170, or Full highlights + Style $135.  

Texture Treatments (Body Waves)

$100, $150 with cut + Style. $180 with a specialty curl  Cut. Includes Olaplex Bond Building Treatment ($55 treatment included in this service)

The Work Shop

It begins at the bowl

Cleanse. You'll learn how to really cleanse your hair so it will stay clean up to 5 days, how to condition so it will actually absorb into the hair instead of lay on top.  How to DETOX at home, and the difference in a Co-Wash, Clenditioner and shampoo !

Now you are clean. What's next?

How much conditioner to you leave in for "slip"? What is a filler, what does it do and why do I need it?  Frizz control? What is a sealer and which one is specifically for my hair?  Do I need protein, moisture, aloe or glycerin? Do i comb it thru?  How do I achieve the look I want if it all is designed right the shower at home? Teach me (I will). 

Time to dry

Dry with a micro fiber, or tee-shirt? A flour sack? Do I squeeze the water out, or leave it in?   Do I air dry, diffuse wet or 70% dry?  Do I need a dryer at home? How do I pin the top for volume?   How will I ever make it look this good at home?   TRAINING, YES MORE are being trained the entire time you are here...and you watch a how to video while you are air drying.  You'll style like a Pro !

WOW...How did you do that?

Remember when I asked you, What frustrates you with your Hair? Well, for most it is FRIZZ and DRY hair.  The foundation of hydration is what makes your hair soft, manageable and well defined CURLS or waves. 

Where do I buy all these awesome products?

Everything you will need in available in my salon, bundled in discounted prices as a starter kit.  Clips, towel, satin pillowcases, scrunchies, diffuser, bonnets.  I want you to have everything you need for 3rd and 4th day gorgeous hair.  

You can do more than dream. You can have the hair you've always wanted.

Salon Cancellation Policy

$50 cancellation fee if appointment is not cancelled within 24 hours.  There is no deposit required on first visit, however, if you make an appointment and need to change it, there is a $45 deposit on your credit card to reschedule your appointment. 

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